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Critical vs. Critique - 11 Signs Of Ministry Arrogance

Church Lady

I'm actually incubating a lengthier piece about our ease (all of us) in slicing up someone else.  Until then let me offer these checkpoints from Scott Williams at 

11 Signs That You May Suffer From Ministry Arrogance

1. You spend more time focusing on how others “have it wrong” than you do on the things that you can  improve on.

2. You laugh and shake your head at the stylistic differences of another ministry.

3. You think your worship style is the only way someone could possibly connect with God.

4. You can’t understand why so-and-so’s church is growing and their pastor is not even a good preacher.

5. You can’t believe that ministries would have the audacity to have that length of a service time (too long or too short).

6. You believe the issues that you care about are the only issues that everyone else should care about.

7. You discount New Media and Online Ministry as illegitimate ministry.

8. You allow your way and your preference to become “The Only Way!”

9. You think because the expert at the conference said it…It must be the way, the truth, and the life.

10. You can’t believe that a ministry would use that version of the Bible seriously, NIV is the Non-Inspired-Version.

11. You read this list and laugh it off and say, “Who does that?”

So what do YOU think?

Comments Section

Somehow missed your comment earlier Rosco. And yes, it is obvious. Because you are awesome.
Many of the above mentioned "flaws" have worked to turn me off to a specific "church". Over the past few years I have tended to move towards what I call "frontier religion". Talking to my friends about the Bible, watching TV ministers on different stations and at different times. Looking for new perspectives and avoiding the pitfalls listed above. I mean isn't it obvious that my way is the right way?

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