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Chipper won't return my call!

Crowd at Chipper's last game

“Well I never been to Spain, but I kinda like the music.”

That’s right, sing along with me.  Let me hear you.  Don’t remember it?  Maybe it’s before your time.  The group Three Dog Night (Where’d that name come from?  Makes my eyebrow twitch just thinking about it) gave us this little ditty in the 1970’s.

“Well I never been to England , but I kinda like the Beatles.” 

They sing about places they’ve never actually experienced, but that doesn’t stop them from offering a little personal opinion about each locale. 

Actually, there is one place where the singer has left his footprints.

“Well I never been to Heaven, but I been to Oklahoma. They tell me I was born there, but I really don’t remember.”

It’s singable, but not profound.  Catchy, but not challenging.  Interesting, but not inspiring. 

And yet . . . it is thought provoking.  After all, how can we really know?  Who’s to say that all those famous places and people we’ve heard about all our lives are who and what they’re portrayed to be, or if they even exist?  Is a picture proof, or an image on television a true testimony?

If you’ve never looked up at the intricate structure of the Eiffel Tower, can you attest to its existence?

              If you’ve never toiled up the steps of the ancient Mayan ruins, can you grasp the fatigue? 

                        The Great Pyramids of Egypt?   Please. 

Same thing with famous people.  Most of us haven’t met them, or even seen them in person.  But we feel like we know a little something about them.

Historical figures.  Pop stars.  Presidents.

                       Crossed Fingers

Even God.

Through the years I’ve spent a little time here and there with some well-known Christian musicians and speakers.  Some of them could even be called famous. I discovered something.

Folks like to be around famous people.  They’re impressed, even exhilarated by the importance.  But they don’t necessarily want to “know” the person.  They DO want to reap the benefits and enjoy the rush.

They acknowledge the talent and appreciate the achievements.  But truth be told they care about the image, not the individual. 

I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest that if a person’s favorite singer or athlete called and asked them to fly cross-country to babysit his lonely child (oh, the heartbreak), the ticket would be bought and pics posted to Facebook before the phone got cold.  But an abandoned child in China, or even across town . . . well, that’s a different story.

What about us? Are we members of the “GOD Fan Club”, with the badge to prove it, ready to spout all the pertinent trivia?

Or do we actually KNOW Him?




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Thanks for the comments Tim and Rosco. Tim, yours were especially insightful.
I thank you sir for putting our adoration of famous people into proper perspective.
I have now read the blog!!

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