Not About Who?


Valleys.  Storms.  Rough patches.  


Everyone goes through them. In I Peter, the fiery apostle himself warned us not to be surprised by the fiery trials.


But we are.  Every time, it seems.


"Why me?". Even the least self-centered among us seemingly can't help but repeat it to ourselves. And we have to learn . . . all over again and again . . . that it's not about us.


Or to be more precise, it's not about what WE think is best for us.


The things we think we want and the path we think is best? Probably not happening.  The ending of the story that I write with me as the main character? That becomes a major plot twist.


Because GOD sees things differently than we do.  Actually, He sees more than we do.  Okay, He sees everything.


Every twist, every turn, every connection three times removed.  And while He's working in and around us, He's also working in and around others.  In different places, but at the same time.


The twister that seems to be pushing you off course may be the same windy blast that's clearing the path for someone you've never met. The storm that seems to batter you may include a gust that pushes you toward someone who's desperate for help, whose path you would have never crossed without a major change in direction.  


So at a time when it feels like you should be digging yourself out of your own very real quagmire, God sticks a shovel in your hand and puts a stranger on your heart. And as you minister to a stranger, even in the midst of your own dilemma, you discover that God is growing YOU, shaping YOU, developing YOU - so that, in the end, He can use YOU.


Maybe it is about us after all.



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  • Barbara Stephens
    Barbara Stephens
    Very well said!! And so true.

    Very well said!! And so true.

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