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Neil, I enjoyed working with you last night and look forward to the 7th, I think it's going to be a special day, we will be in prayer for your daughter( I have one the same age ), also, tell Danny that "Monkey's Paw" is one of my favorites from that era.
It was good to meet you last evening. Thank you for coming to our small church to help us with our worship ministry. I am looking forward to working with you at Bethel.
I love your songs! Thank you for sharing them!
Julie Johnson I spoke with you regarding my brother who is blind but writes beautiful lyrics. We need advice/help in getting words together with notes, by trust worthy folks. He has had 3 songs recorded and one of those was the cover song. But my brother lets these people hold some of his songs and will not return them. As of current date we have not heard any of his lyrics over the air. Any advice/help would be appreciated. Thank you, Julie Johnson
I still love "We Still Fly". I remember the first time I heard it. Listen to it every year... You need to do your "At the Wall", too...
hey Neil!!! Love ya man! Good stuff here!!
So happy for you, Neil! Your concert Feb 22 will be a great time for worship and to catch up with some old friends from school and chorus ..well, young friends from back in the day! :)
Goooooooooooooooo Neil... sounding great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY worshipful and uplifting!!!!!!!! Paul
Nice site brother, looks as if everything is going really well for you, very happy for you.
Amazing album, awesome talent! May our Lord continue to bless you and your ministry. Please continue to make beautiful music to share God's Word!
Hey neil, Nice web site! Sill singing with the album!
So proud of what you have done. Amazing, how you think you know someone, even family; You never know what's in their heart till they share it!
Neil, thank you so much for the music. It is soothing listening to the CD while driving in hectic traffic on I-5 in WA. I miss the praise and worship at Mt Zion. Keep the beautiful music coming. Amber
Really beautiful music & vocals. I listened to EVERY song & loved ALL!! Sharing with family via the CD. May God continue to bless your ministry!!

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