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It is a wonderful album, my favorite is Everything to me. Soooo powerful and beautiful!!

"I am so excited! How special! I have listened once, on my computer, but I can't wait to put it in my CD player in my car and listen over and over! Congratulations!"

Thanks and great 1st album! I'm going to enjoy listening and praising The Lord to the music He created in you. Best wishes always!!

Neil, really enjoyed listening to your CD, especially on the road to Statesboro, GA Friday.  It is a winner and was so inspirational to me as I drove on a long trip. 

So proud of what you have done. Amazing, how you think you know someone, even family; You never know what's in their heart till they share it!

My friend, I absolutely love your CD! It lifts my spirit and reminds me that Jesus is my everything no matter what I face.

Amazing album, awesome talent! May our Lord continue to bless you and your ministry. Please continue to make beautiful music to share God's Word!

I will pray your music touches lives and turns hearts toward Jesus.

Goooooooooooooooo Neil... sounding great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY worshipful and uplifting!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful blessing of music tonight, both spiritually and personally, Neil. Thank you for sharing your gift of music and words of worship with us.

Neil - Fantastical concert; richly blessed! Sitting near the ladies from Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Home I was also moved by their singing every word of every song; and I think we were in a contest to see who could clap the loudest with the music whilst staying with tempo - I'd call it a tie. As you promised - great fun!!

Just want to say "Every Time I Breathe" is my favorite song on your cd. I play it over and over and now I know it well enough to sing along.  I even sing it to myself without the cd.

I just downloaded your cd!! It is anointed!!  [The song] "Every Time I Breathe" Is so peaceful and so Glorifying to God! Love it!!! Great job!

[The Coin, The Sheep, and The Son] Has to be my favorite. Love it!

Neil, you are the reason I love worship music so much. The first songs I heard you sing were "Awesome God" and "Blessed be Your Name." I was hooked on Worship music.

Hey man, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! I had a great time having you with us for revival this week. You were such a blessing to me and hopefully an eye opener to the congregation in that we can still embrace the old hymns but put a new twist on them.

"I looked for years for the song Everytime I Breathe on YouTube, iTunes, Google, etc and couldn't find it till last night! I can't tell you how excited I was to find it as I was a new believer basically in basic and that was and is my favorite worship song. Thanks for your decade of service for the US Army, I can tell you it means a lot to some."

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  Listen to samples of the songs from the new worship album.  Download the (free) album, get some charts, and use them in your church.  Check back for new worship songs. Read some thoughts I have from time to time about worship and following Jesus.  

Music from "Every Time I Breathe"

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